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and agility

in the selection processes

Over the last 10 years, we have faced selection processes that are time-consuming, inefficient and without feedback. We noticed that both companies and professionals were not satisfied with the way the selection processes were being conducted.


Given this scenario, BLUE PREMIUM was born, a consultancy specializing in Recruitment & Selection for middle and senior management, positioning itself as a boutique by understanding that selection processes must be conducted closely and customized for each company. In addition, the Taylor Made model also allows us to always be close to the candidates who entrust their talents to us.


Composed of a multidisciplinary team, BLUE PREMIUM believes that the success of each selection requires competence and, above all, strict ethical standards.


The way we think and act directly reflects on our performance and the way we relate to the market.

The BLUE Identity refers to the way we treat clients and candidates; companies and professionals.


Respect for companies

  • Compliance with deadlines for submitting candidates

  • Compliance with the Warranty Period (Replacement) 

  • We do not consider professionals from our client portfolio

  • We do not consider the same candidate in two processes simultaneously

respect for candidates

  • Clarity and objectivity in the presentation of projects

  • Guidance and clarification of doubts

  • Feedback and support at every step of the process

  • Professional follow-up after hiring

Conduct guidelines and principles

Our ethical standards are clear and strictly followed by our entire team. 


The principles of conduct that guide us are respected and reviewed frequently, and any type of ethical-moral deviation in the relationship with our clients and professionals who trust us is not acceptable.



Meet with excellence the demands entrusted to us by our customers, respecting candidates, suppliers and employees; in addition to transmitting our knowledge of the market, generating benefits for companies and professionals, collaborating with the development and improvement of the job market.



To become the career guide for professionals and a reference in Talent Recruitment and Selection.



• Respect for people

• Ethics & Transparency in conducting business with companies and candidates

• Integrity & Commitment

• Innovation & Sustainability

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